Worship is one of the primary ways that we experience God together. It’s not why church exists, but it is how, in this community, we fortify ourselves to be light in an unjust and tumultuous world.

Here’s what worship is at Christ Church.

There is music—sometimes music that we all sing together, sometimes music from a gifted community member, sometimes music from the choir. There are the sorts of hymns that have been passed down through generations, the sorts of hymns that are being composed by our contemporaries, and the sorts of hymns that newer residents of Minnesota graciously lend us so that we can better understand where they come from and how they experience God.

There is liturgy—that part of church where a leader says something, and sometimes you say something back. Liturgy isn’t meant to be mindless reading or repetition. It is a way to hold the sacred among us, to be collectively present—sometimes using the same words that have been used for centuries, and sometimes using words Pastor Jenny wrote two days ago.

There is prayer—silent prayer, spoken prayer, sung prayer, prayer said all together and prayer said alone.

There is scripture—we read from the Bible every Sunday, believing both that the Bible is the inspired word of God for us today and also that much of what it says is contextual, written during a particular place and time. Sometimes this dichotomy is uncomfortable; that’s why we do it together.

There is reflection—often this takes the form of a sermon based on the week’s scripture reading. Often it continues after worship has ended, in conversations among us and meditations alone.

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