We were all the new kid once.

Let’s face it. Going to a new church for the first time can be awkward. Even if you’re going to new churches every week, there’s still that expanse of unknown before you walk in.

Will I fit in, or will it be obvious that I’m Not From Here™?

Will I have to / get to make conversation before the service?

Do they expect me to contribute to the offering?

What do I do if there is communion?

Will I be able to find the restroom without wandering down some hall I’m not supposed to be in?

A website can’t answer all of those questions for you. Your first experience at Christ Church (or any church) will depend on too many variables: what week you attend, who you meet when you walk through the door, what we end up reading and discussing during worship.

That being said, we strive to provide radical hospitality to everyone who walks through our doors. Our hope is this:

  • That everyone who comes to worship with us will feel seen and welcome, but not interrogated.

  • That everyone who sits down for worship will have what they need to follow along without any prior knowledge.

  • That we operate from a place of grace and humor. Just because worship is a sacred experience doesn’t mean that it’s always a serious one, nor does it mean you have to pretend that everything is going according to plan when it isn’t. Weird things happen. Sometimes they’re funny. We try to embrace it.

  • That when you’re ready to dip your toes into the experience of church outside worship, you’ll be able to see an on-ramp to participation and feel empowered to step in.


The Practical Stuff

We worship at 10:30 a.m., every Sunday, all year long.

We have a parking lot.

Most people wear clothes in the “business casual” family. You’re welcome to do that, or to come however you prefer to be dressed.


The nearest bus line is the 63, which stops about half of a mile away.

We worship in English, and you’re welcome to join us regardless of how much or little English you speak.